About us

More than 20 years of experience

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri historically has more than 20 years of experience in the service and management of Human Resources (HR). Started the step in 2001 through LPPS/PPJP in that era with an agency/institution in the form of a CV.

In line with the Government’s policy by issuing laws and establishing regulations that are required for all service companies and manpower management with legal entities in the form of a PT (Limited Liability Company), in 2007 “PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri” was established.

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri is a manpower service company that provides qualified and ready-to-use human resources with “OUTSOURCING SYSTEM PARTNER”.

Human resources service products available cover various management areas including: Supporting Production, Security, Packaging & Logistics, Cleaning Service, Driver & Helper, Receptionist, Administration, etc.

Branch offices spread across Indonesia

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri headquartered in Sidoarjo and Surabaya as the center for operational and marketing activities, and has several branch offices in several major cities in Indonesia.

Currently, our company has grown and developed quite rapidly, which is indicated by the number of human resources managed in various companies of more than 6100 workers, which we channel and work together specifically for HR management in 50 partner companies, both domestic and foreign investment companies.

Commitment with the support of quality human resources

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri is indeed not the only one among a line of Manpower service companies with outsourcing systems, but we are at the forefront of providing the best service, namely excellent service, maintaining conducive quality both internally and externally. So that users / customers are satisfied with the services we provide.

We are committed to the support of qualified human resources and management, making PT Catur Mulia Mandiri tough, reliable, competent, solid, trusted and professional in the framework of building cooperation and providing labor services.

Profesional, Integrity, Continuous Improvment, Excellent Service dan Safety

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri currently and in the future has prepared a strategy carefully and seriously in various challenges as well as facing the era of globalization of the world free market, the occurrence of a revolution or change in the business climate that is uncertain and extremely competitive, marked by the 3T terms, namely: TRANSPORTATION, TELECOMMUNICATION and TOURISM. . In this very competitive situation, our management prepares and plans various concrete steps, as an answer so that we and our partner companies do not lag behind or lose competitiveness in facing these changes. Especially the quality of meeting the needs of human resources.

The concrete steps that we offer are in the form of “Work Culture Values”. This value will be used as the MOTTO for the work culture of PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri is PRICE`S (Professional, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Excellent Service and Safety).


As our commitment with the support of qualified human resources.


Accounting Director

Financial management at PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri is managed by a professional, trusted & responsible HR team for the continuity of operational cash flow.


Finance & Accounting Manager

The fast service in payment of employee rights, the performance and responsibility as well as the loyalty of the workers to the company are more consistent and constant.


Operational Manager

The work target of our department is employee discipline which will create positive synergies towards increasing company productivity.

PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri

HRGA Manager

By doing Planning, Mapping, System Implementation, Conditioning and Execution of work on objects, can achieve the goal of providing “Excellent Service”.